The Organizational Design Methodology in Logistics and SCM

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MAGAZINE №6 (77) December 2016


CATEGORY  Supply chain management


In the article the actual problems and the methodology of organizational structure design by companies, which target Russian market, in terms of logistics and SCM departments formation are considered. The classification and main characteristics of organizational structures as well as comparative analysis of hierarchic and adaptive types are given.

Key features connected with logistic and supply chain management (SCM) departments design in the companies’ organizational structures are reflected. It is shown that organizational structure development by the logistics should be initiated by the strategy and key logistic business processes, while the logistics (SCM) department design is connected with the decision-making process concerning specialization, departamentalization, department size and delegation of authority by company’s top management. The model of company’s logistics department organizational structure design is given. It is demonstrated that the organizational design evolution in logistics and SCM is closely related with logistics development.

The main research methodology aspects of logistics and SCM departments organizational design with a foundation of systematic approach (analysis), economic cybernetics methods, operation research, mathematical statistics, decision theory and SCM theory are given. The investigation problem statement for logistics and SCM organizational design evolution in Russian companies is given.


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