Using Apparatus of Stochastic Petri Nets when Controlling Logistics Systems Parameters

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MAGAZINE №6 (83) December 2017


CATEGORY  Analysis in logistics and SCM Simulation modelling


The article considers the use of the apparatus of stochastic Petri networks during supply chain analysis. The main object of the analysis is the storage and production modules and their interaction with other elements of the system. First, the logistical system under consideration was represented in the form of a stochastic Petri network, then two models of one system with different initial conditions were created with the purpose of their behavior analysis and comparison. Analysis of the results of the models was carried out by two methods: the construction of an analytical model of the Petri net; simulation of the model work during a specified period. In addition, the paper deals with the problem of exponential explosion; the dependence of the number of the system possible conditions on the change of its parameters is shown. As a result, it was shown how the behavior of the system depends on the change in the product delivery time and what period is critical for the production deficit.

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