Prospects of Digital Logistics and SCM Development in Russia and the Role of HSE School of Logistics

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MAGAZINE №6 (83) December 2017


CATEGORY  Analytics and reviews Education in Logistics and SCM Information technologies in logistics and SCM Modern concepts and technologies in logistics and SCM


The article reveals the problems of implementing in Russia the technological platform “Digital SCM/logistics” which is an indispensable part of digital economy model being currently created in Russia. The article looks at the main problems, prospects and obstacles preventing the formation of Digital SCM/logistics. Overwhelming analysis of functionality of digital SCM/logistics is provided with such parts of the latter as Big Data, IoT, Blockchain technology, Cloud service, e-SCM, 3D Printing and others. Functional organization model of competence Centre of competence in the field of Digital SCM/logistics as a basis for technological platform construction in Russia is given. The role of HSE School of Logistics and International Centre of Logistics in creating and development of digital logistics/SCM is shown. The academic staff’s best practices of scientific project capacities concerning Digital SCM/logistics issues of academic staff are introduced.

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