Diversified Optimization of the Supply Strategy Parameters with a Possibility of Vehicles Selecting with Account of Their Cargo Capacity

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MAGAZINE №5 (82) October 2017


CATEGORY  Optimization and mathematical modelling Inventory management


A new improved algorithm to optimize the parameters of a diversified supply strategy considering the transportation features for the EOQ-models is proposed. When optimizing decisions it will allow for the first time to take into account the following attributes of the simulated supply chain: 1) cargo capacity of the vehicles used; 2) a possibility of selecting their types when delivering goods; 3) the format of paying storage costs (rent or paying only for occupied places at the warehouse); 4) expediency of deliveries using several vehicles if there are discounts on the cost of such deliveries; 5) factor of time value of money taking into account the efficiency of cash flows of the supply chain itself; 6) assessment of the expected return on the working capital of the simulated supply chain; 7) specificity of such a profitability indicator taking into account the utilization of the cargo capacity of the vehicles used at the deliveries. This algorithm was developed with reference to special EOQ-models. Namely, it relates to a class of models interesting and important for business when profit can be made at each reorder interval. The models in question are those where profit during the reordering interval can be used both to cover part of the costs at that interval and to make payment of the next delivery. Therefore, the format of the algorithm will consider necessary and sufficient conditions fulfillment of which allows to ensure the possibility of these payments from the profit during the supply chain operation. 

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