Choosing the Optimal Supply Chain Contract Model: Features of Multicriteria Analysis with Risk Assessment

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MAGAZINE №1(84) February 2018


CATEGORY  Optimization and mathematical modelling Sourcing 


 Consideration of the supply chain from the point of view of objective understanding as a set of individuals and legal entities, interacting specifically and precisely in material, financial and information flows, presupposes the availability of a tool for fixing the rules for interaction of such parties. Such a tool already exists, it is a contract / agreement / agreement of the parties. It is the contract model of the supply chain that is of great importance in the process of value formation of the product, as it can be considered as a legal documental basis for mutual arrangements for the supply chain. Contract management tasks in the supply chain in terms of the optimal contract model choice are formalized it the paper for the first time as decision-making tasks under many criteria. This format of models allows to consider risks that can be formalized in the form of separate individual criteria. It is shown that a dimensionality phenomenon is associated with problems of this type which can be eliminated on the basis of a transition to new formats for the presentation of estimates of particular criteria: 1) the format of generalized selection criteria; 2) to the standardized form of the problem of choice. For both approaches, tasks of multicriteria choice of the contract model are formalized.

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