Strategic Approach to Digital Transformation of Global Container Shipping Line

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MAGAZINE №5(88) October 2018

AUTHORS Maydanova S.A.Ilyin I.V. 

CATEGORY  Transportation in logistics Logistic service providers


Nowadays economic activity of society sees quality changes related to new technologies implementation. Blockchain, artificial intelligence, e-platforms, predictive analytics, Internet of things, autonomous vehicles, robotics, machine learning are no longer only startup objects, but big business sphere of interests.

The object of research is the linear container transportations industry and technologies which accompany the beginning of supply chain new era; the subject is alignment business and IT architectures of the company - the global sea container line capable to provide support for container transportation processes strategic changes, their introduction and evaluation. The strategic alignment method has been developed by University of Twente (Enschede, the Netherlands) and the BiZZdesign company (Enschede, the Netherlands) researchers. This work considers application of this method for the global sea container line enterprise architecture design and the possibility of its application for a company’s digital transformation management.

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