Theoretical Aspects of Return Flows Management in Internet Retailing

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MAGAZINE №6(89) December 2018




CATEGORY  Analytics and reviews E-commerce corporate logistics Return flows management (reverse logistics)


The article deals with the issues of reverse logistics in internet retail. The authors provide a literature review of articles on the practice of managing return flows in internet retail and analyze the features of reverse logistics in this area. 

In the article, the authors consider the existing approaches in reverse logistics in internet retail, analyze the barriers to their implementation and ways of return flows handling. The three levels of decision-making in the return management in internet retail logistics and specific tasks for each of them are defined. The result of the work was an algorithm reflecting the sequence of formation of the system of control of return flows. 

This procedure makes it possible to take into account the characteristics of managing return flows in internet retail (a large number of reasons for returns, handling complexity, etc.) and base to manage return flows and implement the control function in accordance with them.

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