Conceptual Rationale for the Development of a Mining Enterprise Logistics Management Model

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MAGAZINE  №2 (91) April 2019


CATEGORY  Controlling Industrial companies’ corporate logistics



The article is devoted to the formation of a management model of the logistics system of a mining enterprise – the focal company of the supply chain. To ensure its activities, a mining company forms a complex structure – the supply chain, representing a set of organizations creating additional customer value, interacting with the movement of material and other related flows from the source of raw materials to the final consumer. Supply chain management activities include integrative behavior of a focal company aimed at its customers and suppliers. The efficiency of the entire supply chain depends primarily on the effectiveness of the activities of its main link – the logistics system of the focal company of the supply chain.
To solve this problem, the author proposed a conceptual approach based on system analysis to form a model for managing the logistics system of the focal company of the supply chain.
The proposed approach specifies the purpose of the logistics system, conditions and methods for achieving it, the necessary resources, business processes, qualitative parameters to evaluate the effectiveness of managing the logistics system and its subsystems. The need to adapt the proposed model of management of the logistics system to the specific conditions of a mining enterprise activity affecting the mechanism of management of logistics flows is justified.
The author has developed a technique for quantitative assessment of the properties of the logistics system, as well as indicators for the operational control and evaluation of the management efficiency of the mining company’s logistics system.

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