Providing the Continuity of Main Production in Metallurgy Enterprises under Prepared Materials Supply

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MAGAZINE  №4 (93) August 2019


CATEGORY  Supply chain planning Optimization and mathematical modelling



The article discusses principles of providing a delivering the prepared materials to metallurgy enterprises for the continuity of the main production oriented to system-wide interests. The conditions for ensuring the continuity of the main production are revealed. It  is shown that to perform its core work — reliable, efficient and continuous provision of technological units with prepared materials — functioning on the basis of a technological process interconnected with the main transport and main production, technologically optimal and logistically organized based on the approach to it as a process prepared materials should have an optimal operational stock of prepared materials. It has been determined that it is more expedient to maintain the operational stock of prepared materials in a warehouse on wheels from specialized cars than in bunkers of a calculated capacity. A mathematical model is proposed for optimizing the parameters for ensuring the continuity of the main metallurgical production. The results of the choice of parameters to ensure the continuity of the main production are given.

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