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№5 (94) October 2019



Focus: Optimization Tasks in Supply Chain Management

Main sections:

  • E-commerce logistics
  • Vehicle Routing Problem
  • Optimization of space-planning solutions in the warehouse design
  • Suppliers' Segmentation

Electronic version


VINOGRADOV A.B. Issues and Specifics of the E-marketplaces Logistics Support


ALYAMOVSKAYA N.S., VINOKUROVA V.O. Suppliers' Segmentation: Analysis of Current Tools and Development of New Approach to Problem Solution

GETMAN A.G. Actual Problems of Risk Minimization in Supply Chain of Goods Containing Intellectual Property Objects

GONCHAROVA Y.A., VALEEVA A.F., VALEEV R.S. Vehicle Routing Problem: Optimization of Homogeneous Cargo Delivery to Different Clients. Part 2

ELYASHEVICH I.P., ELYASHEVICH E.R. Green Logistics in Retail Companies


PENZEV V.N. Mezzanine Construction at Warehouse – Necessity or Tribute to Traditions

VERKHOVSKAYA M.V., KONOTOPSKY V.Y., MENSHIKOVA E.V. Simulation Modeling of a Multilevel Inventory Management System in Distribution Systems

BAZHENOV M.B. Use of the Activity Based Costing (ABC) for Differentiation of Account and Control of Logistic Expenses