Vehicle Routing Problem: Optimization of Homogeneous Cargo Delivery to Different Clients. Part 2

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MAGAZINE  №5 (94) October 2019


CATEGORY  Optimization and mathematical modelling Transportation in logistics Industrial companies’ corporate logistics



 Due to an increased volume of cargo transportations the development of the mathematical and software for resolving the routing problems is being actual, whereas the objective is costs reduсtion when cargo is delivered to customers. The problem of cargo's homogeneous delivery to various customers is considered in the paper, which is significant component in supply chain.
The mathematical model accounting such restrictions as a vehicle carrying capacity, the time windows, the planning horizon, a bunch of depots, the split delivery, a heterogeneous vehicle fleet, a possibility of backhauls, the quality and cost of roads, the type of roads, speed limits, as well as goods disposition within a vehicle during the construction of the rational delivery routes is represented. For the given NP-hard combinatorial optimization problem, the heuristic method on the basis of the ant colony algorithm based on population that allows to obtain the rational delivery routes for homogeneous goods with account of restrictions listed is developed.
Herewith, the results of the numerical experiments, which verify the efficiency of the proposed approach based on the developed software are presented.



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 Keywords:  vehicle routing problem 3D Packing problem uniform load vehicle loading Ant colony optimization algorithm evolution algorithm


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