The Digitalization of Logistics: What is the Role of Social Networks?

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MAGAZINE  №3 (98) June 2020


CATEGORY  Analysis in logistics and SCM Analytics and reviews E-commerce corporate logistics



 Currently, logistics, like other sectors of the economy, is undergoing intensive implementation of digital technologies. Smart and network technologies are an integral part of many companies' supply chains. One of these technologies is social networks which have become a powerful media tool that is actively used not only for personal information exchange, but also for commercial purposes by various companies, including logistics ones. Western researchers have long conducted studies on the use of popular social networks (Twitter, etc.) by logistic companies. This paper provides a brief collection of practices of using social networks by leading foreign logistic companies; in addition, it examines the use of the social network «Vkontakte », focued mainly on Russian-speaking users, in Russian logistics practice. For this purpose, the authors developed specialized software used to analyze more than 33,000 posts published since 2014 by various participants of the logistics market in terms of their level and specialization. The results showed that while major players in the Russian logistics market, such as JSC Russian Railways, TransContainer, and Transneft, use social networks primarily to create a favorable image of the company, smaller ones use them very actively to promote their services and recruit employees, mainly freight forwarders. In addition, the developed approach was applied to analyze the reflection of new trends in the transport industry using the example of the dynamics of joint mention of the topic of transport and the topic of a new coronavirus infection in news reports.


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