The Supply Chain Transparency: Terminological Aspects and Value for Chain Partners

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MAGAZINE  №4 (99) August 2020


CATEGORY  Analysis in logistics and SCM Logistic integration and coordination Modern concepts and technologies in logistics and SCM Supply chain management Terminology in logistics and SCM



 The content of the concept of supply chain ensuring transparency, currently attracting middle and senior managers' attention in a wide range of companies and industries, is disclosed. The article provides analysis of the reasons for the increased interest in the issues of transparency in supply chains, in particular: pressure from the government, consumers, nongovernmental organizations, etc. on the management of focus companies, to open more information about their supply chains. It has been shown that the reputational costs associated with not meeting these requirements can be very high. The article explains the meaning of supply chain transparency and provides guidelines and methodology for mapping and expanding progress in understanding SC-Transparency. The analysis is based on overseas DRM experience shared by dozens of companies in all industries of all sizes over the past decade with consistent advances in DRM. Particular attention is paid to the analysis of the experience of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – an initiative founded at the MIT Transport and Logistics Center; research by Sourcemap, a provider of supply chain transparency solutions; and research in this area by leading experts and analysts

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 Keywords:   supply chain focus company visibility transparency traceability methodology terminology

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