Conceptual Model of International Airport Freight Infrastructure Digital Transformation

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MAGAZINE  №5 (100) October 2020


CATEGORY Information technologies in logistics and SCM Logistic infrastructure Logistic service providers Transportation in logistics



 The article is devoted to the preparation for the digital transformation of the international air cargo terminal, carried out in order to increase the volume of air cargo and mail processed at the airport at the terminal complex. The process of digital transformation is a process of reengineering. It affects all the functional components of the company, without exception, and, first of all, management. It is important to determine in advance what threats the new management brings to the company, what competitive advantages the terminal can potentially gain as a result of digital transformation, what can serve as the basis for successful reengineering, and what management, technological, and technical issues are subject to special attention. The article discusses the technological and organizational aspects of the cargo airport which can serve as a potential basis for successful transformation. The authors discuss in detail the new key business processes of digital service management at the terminal of companies in the Agency and forwarding environment. We consider options for building these processes based on the integration of services of the cargo terminal digital platform, the principles of implementing Omni-channel digital management of the processes of organizing air cargo transportation at an international airport.

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 Keywords:  digital economy digital platform digitalization digital logistics air cargo terminal cargo terminal

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