Possibilities of Using Digital Twins in After-Sales Service of Robotic Production

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MAGAZINE  №2-3 (103) - 2021


LEONTYEVA I.N. - ITMO University, Faculty of Technology Management and Innovation (St. Petersburg, Russia)

BURTSEV D.S. - Сand. of Agr.Sc., lecturer, ITMO University, Faculty of Technology Management and Innovation (St. Petersburg, Russia)

CATEGORY Information technologies in logistics and SCM


The study provides an analysis of the possibilities of using digital twins for after-sales service for robotic products. Industry 4.0 technologies and digitalization are a new reality for many companies in different areas of industries. After-sales service is an important stage in the supply chain of robotic products, and digital methods of its implementation are an effective alternative to traditional ones. After-sales service is associated with a number of problems, the solution of which is associated with the introduction of digital service methods.

In the course of the research, the methods of comparative analysis, systematization, expert survey, analysis of information sources, and the case study method were used.

A comparative analysis of the concept of "digital twin" showed similar interpretations among different researchers. The analysis of the problems arising in connection with the use of digital twins in production also revealed a number of features of the use of digital copies of robotic equipment.

Successful cases allowed us to make a conclusion about the effectiveness of using this technology in real enterprises. The study allowed us to confirm the hypothesis about the effectiveness of using digital counterparts of robots, but did not answer the question about the methodology for determining the feasibility of introducing digital copies at specific enterprises of the Russian industry. Further work will be related to the development of recommendations for various organizations regarding the choice of digital methods of after-sales service for robotic products.

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