The ability to extend the functionality of ABC-XYZ analysis

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MAGAZINE №3 (62) June 2014


CATEGORY  Analytics in logistics and SCM  Optimization and economic-mathematical modeling 


In logistics, marketing and other areas of the economy people use an approach based on ABC-XYZ analysis. The disadvantages of this approach include its limited functionality. The article deals with ways of overcoming this shortcoming. As an example, we consider ABC-XYZ analysis of commercial products. For solving this problem, we use theory of sets: all products are represented as a set, which then splits into subsets A, B, C, X, Y, Z and others. It is further proposed to combine the operations of the theory of sets with the usual methods used in ABC-XYZ analysis. This allows you to visualize the problem and propose a solution in the form of the relational data model (relational table). In this table fields (columns) there are, on the one hand, the categories of ABC-XYZ analysis and, on the other hand, the usual parameters of the chosen product: price, manufacturer, etc. The article describes the features of working with a table of this kind. As a result, it is possible to radically extend the functionality of the ABC-XYZ analysis, using popular software products. As an example, in the simplest case – MS Excel, in more complex cases – MS Access or Oracle.


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