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Mining companies are a special type of production enterprises, being somewhat "starting points" of material flows that pass through supply chains, gradually transforming into production and technical products and consumer goods for end customers. In this connection, the purchased resources refer exclusively to an auxiliary group of materials that are used to support mining processes and administrative and economic activities.

Therefore, the use of the integrated technology Lean Six Sigma (Lean Production + Six Sigma), while providing operational resources and services, should include solutions aimed at reducing activities that do not add value to the raw materials sold, increase the speed of processes, simultaneously increasing the level of logistics services.

The article shows that it is possible to solve these tasks through centralization of material flows, receiving wholesale discounts on consolidated orders, without increasing the period for providing the demand. In addition, based on the principles of queuing theory, assigning relative priorities to different procurement applications, it is possible to shorten the time to meet the needs of domestic consumers.

The calculations results provided in the article show that with a decrease in the time spent in the queue for the most important applications, the quality of the material and technical supply service improves. Also, when processing orders grouped according to the nomenclature of consumed resources, it is possible to lower the complexity of processing by reducing the variety of supplies and the number of offers from potential suppliers that need to be analyzed simultaneously.

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MAGAZINE №4 (75) August 2016


SHUMAEV V. A. - Doctor of Economics, Professor, Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (Moscow, Russia)

SAZONOV A. A. - Director of logistics, LLC "PRAMO"(Moscow, Russia)

CATEGORY Corporate logistics industrial companies Logistics production Modern concepts and technologies in logistics and supply chain management 


 Reducing logistics costs is relevant at all times and at all stages of the logistics flow. The article considers the problem of reducing costs at the stage of procurement of raw materials, components, and also in the process of delivering products from the plant warehouse to the Assembly shop. To solve the set tasks a Japanese method "just in time"  was selected, applied attempt of using Kanban for the supply to the plant and its movement within the enterprise. However, in Russian conditions the use of such tool has failed owing to a lack of a clear organization of all processes. It was decided to implement a pilot project of optimization of supplies of metal products to the warehouse of the enterprise "Combine plant "Rostselmash", picking and delivering them directly into jobs Assembly plant. Thanks to improved logistics, changes in regulations and other documents were excluded intermediate stocks of hardware on pritsekhovaya pantries, reduced the complexity of the conversion, delivery, storage, reduced number of personnel: released 36 people (16 storekeepers, 16 movers, and 6 tractor drivers). The annual economic effect of the application of the adapted to Russian conditions of Kanban tool only for the delivery of fasteners from the warehouse to the shop amounted 18.4 mln RUB. Given that this is only one type of products, the gradual translation into cost-effective technology delivery to the enterprise and delivery to the shop can turn into an impressive figure of savings. The given example proved the possibility of using effective logistics technologies and tools to reduce costs, so it is recommended to expand the application for other engineering enterprises.


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MAGAZINE  №2 (55) April 2013

AUTHOR  Daurov V.S., Kozhevnikov D.V., Fel A.V.

CATEGORY  Corporate logistics industrial companies  Logistics production  Modern concepts and technologies in logistics and supply chain managemen 


The irrational organization of intra-productive material flows at the enterprise is the main reason of the increase of logistics cycle time and the emergence of additional logistics costs, reduce the capacity utilization rates, the difficulty of monitoring the production process and, as a whole, growth of the cost price of products. A study of intra-productive material flows in the company, engaged in the production and distribution of soft drinks, has revealed a number of significant problems associated with improper placement of the production equipment (mismatch between the location of the main principles of rational organization of production processes). In this article proposes an approach to the reorganization of the industrial material flow on the basis of the use of elements and instruments of various modern concepts of production logistics: Lean Manufacturing, Kanban, Theory of Constraints by E. Goldratt, Value Stream Mapping, REFA methodology. Proposals were developed on the spatial reorganization of the production process and improve the management of them with a view to ensuring the production line of the corresponding demand with minimal production and logistics costs. Given materials illustrates the effectiveness of the application of the presented approach to the production enterprise



MAGAZINE  №1 (60) February 2014


CATEGORY  Analytics in logistics and SCM Planning the supply chain Supply Chain Management 


The problems of strategic planning of supply chains. On the example of the company - distributor of computer accessories, digital devices and office equipment shown ideology strategic planning with the use of reference models in the supply chain operations. The prospects for the introduction of an planning practice Lean Six Sigma concepts integrated (combined) with reference model SCOR.




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