MAGAZINE №5 (76) October 2016


CATEGORY  Supply chain planning Industrial companies’ corporate logistics


Market conditions changing led to a significant transformation of the supply chain management system of leading metal companies. The paper contains the results of the study conducted by the author on the systematization and formalization of specialized approaches to managing supply chains of leading metal companies and their relationships, comparing these processes with the standard supply chain management models SCOR + CCOR + DCOR and GSCF. The analysis formalized the main directions of the methodology development of supply chain planning in terms of adapting to the specific of metals including: the reorganization of relations of existing planning processes in accordance with best practices in the industry planning; consolidation of models CCOR, SCOR and DCOR in a single system of supply chain planning processes; refinement steps of the planning process, and the introduction of additional, if necessary; formalization of methods and planning models; definition of requirements for information technology support. It was noted that the requirements for systematization and development of the planning methodology are defined by the needs of its application to ensure the competitiveness of Russian metal companies in a tough fight in the global market. 


Published in Supply chain planning


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