MAGAZINE №5(88) October 2018


SULEIMANOVA K.P. - Graduate student, National Research University Higher School of Economics (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

PLOTNIKOV V.A. - Cand.of Polit.Sc., Leading expert of the Centre for Applied Research and Development, National Research University Higher School of Economics  (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), Gazprom corporate Institute  (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

CATEGORY  Analytics and reviews Information technologies in logistics and SCM 


Within the framework of the digital economy development in Russia, one of important areas is “digital logistics/ supply chain”. In the market of freight and passenger traffic the use of digital technologies gives a competitive advantage, therefore their implementation is becoming inevitable for the entire logistics industry. This article considers trends, advantages, prospects and barriers to the implementation of digital technologies in the Russian Federation; the main types of these technologies and their influence on logistics business processes efficiency. A scheme for digital technologies (Big Data, IoT (Internet of Things), Blockchain, Cloud Services, 3D Printing) using in the supply chain are also presented. This paper provides the analysis of digital technologies use impact and a methodology for assessing the relationship with the components of the model of total logistics costs (TLC) in supply chains. 
It should be noted that proposed TLC model does not only include  logistics operations costs, but also the costs associated with complete customer satisfaction.The use of digital technologies in logistics makes it possible to increase efficiency,precision and speed of logistics operations, however it requires significant financial investments, personnel training, accounting long-term physical movement over long distances, problems of customs clearance and terminal handling of goods.

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