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CATEGORY  Analysis in logistics and SCM Logistic integration and coordination Sourcing Modern concepts and technologies in logistics and SCM



The article provides an overview of approaches for supplier segmentation: in particular, different matrices for evaluation (standard and modified) as well as maturity models and questionnaires. Therefore, the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of these methods is carried out. It is concluded that most methods give only general recommendations that do not allow to make a decision on specific tools to improve relationships.
The authors develop a two-stage procedure for the suppliers' classification. The first stage is carried out based on ABC analysis and the second takes into account two synthesized criteria for evaluating purchased resources and suppliers, which, in particular, include the costs of switching to other resources, the product differentiation level and meeting planning key performance indicators by suppliers. A matrix for tool selection to improve suppliers' relationships in accordance with the results of their segmentation is developed.
This procedure is also tested on the example of a telecommunications company and some effects of implementing the selected tool are shown. The limitations associated with the use of the developed tool in practice are determined.

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 Keywords:  supplier procurement purchasing Supplier Relationship Management supplier selection VMI EDI

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CATEGORY Green Logistics&Supply Chain Information Technology in Logistics and SCM


Green logistics related to the production and distribution of products on a sustainable basis, taking into account environmental and social factors. Thus, the logistics policy should be formed not only on the basis of the effects of the economic condition of the company, but also the broader consequences for society, such as the impact of pollution on the environment.

Events green logistics typically include: measurement of environmental impact of different allocation strategies; reducing energy consumption in logistics activities; reduction and control of the level of waste.

The urgency is caused by the increased green logistics in recent years, concerns about the impact of human activity on the environment, resulting in the current logistics practices will be ineffective in the long run.


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CATEGORY Sourcing Modern concepts and technologies in logistics and supply chain management Information Technology in Logistics and SCM  


More and more company including in his resources management not only finance, manufacturing, logistics and human resources. They also want to include in planning process resources from companies which is included and influence on business. Depends on industry it can be different companies, but 2 kind of these companies always is close to business: suppliers and customers. In article explains functional and technical capabilities of supply relationship management systems. Also it included economic effects as a result of using SRM systems.


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