MAGAZINE №1 (72) February 2016


CATEGORY Controlling 


A manufacturing company frequently plays a role of forming unit in a supply chain. The quality of manufacturer’s logistic system administration is an important impact factor for both company’s and supply chain’s performance and competitiveness. This article deals with the topical problem which consists in evaluation of logistic system administration efficiency in a focus company’s supply chain. The methodology for solving this problem, which was developed by the author, is presented. It includes 3 groups of indexes: strategic, which are presented in terms of Balanced Scorecard (BSC); operational, which estimate logistic system administration quality and integrated, which are calculated following changes in crucial for this system (subsystem) indexes’ rate of growth.
The quantitative evaluation of such logistic system’s characteristics, as organization, rhythmicality, synchrony and stability, which are used in the process of logistic system operational management as well as integrated indexes, which are offered by the author, are of academic interest. These indexes allow estimating the impact of the logistic system administration quality on a focus company’s and supply chain’s efficiency.


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