MAGAZINE №1 (66) February 2015


CATEGORY Knowledge - force. Education in Logistics and SCM


The paper defines the role of logistics and supply chain management (SCM) as a way to raise sustainability of the company in order to eliminate economic crisis consequences and support business in this case. It is shown trends of consolidation of logistics both in business organizations and in national coverage. The importance of creating and managing knowledge base of companies’ personnel in the field of logistics and SCM as a source of sustainable competitive advantage is specified.

Taking into account the extremely limited number of qualified logisticians in the Russian labor market, it is offered the direction of additional education programs differentiation for advanced training and retraining of staff. The paper provides an example of International Center of Training in Logistics at the HSE which implements the range of programs of advanced training and retraining in logistics.

The main ways to improve the efficiency of business during the economic crisis by using tools of logistics and SCM are covered, among which are application of total costs principle; management and optimization of the inventory levels in the supply chain; development of controlling system in logistics; improvement of sustainability and reliability of supply chains, etc. 



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