MAGAZINE №2 (73) April 2016

AUTHOR USHAKOV D.V. - Candidate of Economic Sciences, Deputy General Director for Intermodal Transport, LTD «Freight forwarding Alliance East-West», Company Group «Agency Refperevozki»

CATEGORY Transportation Providers of logistics services  Logistics services market 


Owing to the last changes in structure and the directions of import freight traffics of meat products, the market of transportation of meat products in Russia is in process of transformation now. The main problem in this question concerns the search of an optimum form of interaction of organizational structures of regions of cargo creation and cargo consumption today. In the article the comparative assesment of potentials of trading companies marketing activity in the region of meat products sale with the assistance of logistic operators of a 3PL and 4PL format is goven with the usage of the law of the equilibrium supply and demand price. The results of the cariied out analysis have shown that in modern conditions interaction of the trading companies in the market of meat products with logistic operators of a format 4PL is an optimum form of coordination of market activity.


MAGAZINE №6 (67) December 2014


CATEGORY Optimization and economic-mathematical modeling Planning the supply chain


In paper the problem of planning of wholesale deliveries of the goods to consumers is considered under the control of logistical operators on the basis of outsourcing business processes and multiindex technologies of optimization of plans and routes of delivery. Algorithms and examples of calculations are resulted. 


MAGAZINE №2 (64) April 2015


CATEGORY Terminology in Logistics and SCM Transportation Providers of logistics services


Currently, there is instability in the transport and logistics market. Some logistics operators using customer incompetence, lack of a unified methodology for costs assessing try to use highest tariffs. Development of logistics costs classification is a very important issue at the moment.

Each transport and logistics company uses its own approach to the definition and calculation of these costs. Logistics costs classification is very important for cargo owners as it can be the basis for determining the types, sources and the value the costs for logistics operations. The article contains the results of a study on the composition of logistics costs for each participant in the supply chain: the sea carrier, warehouse, freight forwarders, road transport.

The authors systematized costs (as general, individual and specific groups for each member of the logistics chain), created logistics cost classification. Costs were grouped according to uniform operations in each of the groups. Authors justified the practical significance of the logistics costs classification. The article describes forwarder functions, its coordinating role in the delivery of cargo in the supply chain. The authors presented the forwarder logistics costs, justified for their own costs and expenses of forwarders clients.

Such a way the authors proved the importance of the logistics costs classification. The authors also pointed out the possibility of cost savings that will be used in further studies.



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