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Design of Network Supply Chain

MAGAZINE №3(86) June 2018


CATEGORY Analysis in logistics and SCM Supply chain planning Supply chain management


The article looks at the main aspects of supply chain strategic planning in the context of designing, reengineering and optimization of its network structure. The article reveals actuality of supply chain configuration and redesign, and its influence on economic results of the chain agents. It is shown that nowadays network design is based on a fairly well tested technology, methods and IT-support that were put to test in real practice of leading companies. The key issues subject to solving during design process are considered; recommendations on efficiency assessment in volatile market environment are given.

The article provides examples of strategic demands differentiation, benchmarks and reference models when determining parameters of basic supply chain configuration and redesign.

The article structures the sequence of planning and design stages of an optimal supply chain network structure based on strategic focus, prognosticated trends in supply chain management, implementation control, adequate organizational changes in a focus company and SCM structure; integrated information support.  

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MAGAZINE №4 (63) August 2014


CATEGORY Logistics distribution Corporate logistics retailers


This article analyzes the development of retail chain market in Russia in the context of building an efficient logistics infrastructure in the distribution. Key market trends specific to the current stage of retail trade development and the main factors influencing the change in the retail market in Russia (the growth of competition, increase of the share of the largest network operators, active entry of world's online retailers into the Russian market and others) are analyzed. There are the following main trends of the market marked in the article: open of new stores, extension of market coverage and expansion of logistics infrastructure, in particular, development of distribution centers and other storage facilities.

It is recommended for retail operators how to design and re-engineer its own distribution network in the article. It is shown the way of interaction between departments of trading company, especially with logistics one, regarding decision of strategic tasks of effective distribution network design. Approaches how to evaluate the effectiveness of logistics distribution network reorganization are assessed.

It is proposed an algorithm of distribution network design (reengineering) which comprises three main stages: analysis and evaluation of the existing logistics distribution network; identification of key areas of logistics distribution network reorganization; the reorganization (or design) of the optimal logistics distribution network. 


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MAGAZINE №1 (66) February 2015


CATEGORY Optimization and economic-mathematical modeling Reviews and Analytics Logistics distribution Corporate logistics retailers


A problem of the designing of rational distribution network for a retail industry is observed in the article. The principle of rationality of a distribution network is described as a connection between a distribution network design and goals / requirements of a corporate strategy with a breakdown by different formats, sales regions and product categories. Authors proposed five-step approach for the designing of a rational distribution network, including a classification of a retail company, identification of corporate strategy’ requirements for a distribution network, a linkage of these requirements with strategic goals in logistics for separate elements and objects in a distribution network, mathematical formalization of the joint objective function and the system of restrictions for the network modeling and optimization. 


Published in Distribution logistics


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