Thursday, 12 November 2015 16:36

Logistics support of medical equipment handling

MAGAZINE №5 (70) October 2015




CATEGORY  Logistics services Management Reverse logistics 


The market of medical equipment presented in most cases by foreign-made goods is growing fast. It requires considering the peculiarities of logistics services under the conditions of the medical equipment utilization by medical preventive institutions. The problem is particularly acute for high-tech medical equipment sector. It is shown that the fundamental principles of the order cycle management are unchanged in the case of reverse logistics as well. However the specific material flow managed will lengthen order cycle. Moreover it will have the impact on the complexity and workload of logistics operations. The traditional definition of transactional and post transactional services, which was reflected in the choice of the set of indicators, requires a thorough application. It is especially true for the performance evaluation of services splitted in time-horizon.



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