MAGAZINE №6 (71) December 2015

AUTHOR  DUNAYEV O.N. Doctor of Economics, Professor, Chairman of the Committee on Logistics, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation (Moscow, Russia)

CATEGORY Supply Chain Management Global logistics projects 


This article covers the analysis of logistics purposes which are connected with the features of a new stage of economic growth. Service economy is the core of this stage. Logistics purporses are the following: business processes integration, formation of new markets and entering existing ones, value added chain diversification and investment flow stimulation. Author analyses main driving factors for logistics in general and logistic service market in particular as well as competitive advantages formed by effective logistics and supply chain managenent technologies. Basic principles of innovative management approach and their application in logistics at both macro- and micro- economic levels are examined and examples of strategic objectives achievement with means of logistics are provided. The way and origin of economics at different views (such as industry, dimensional and institutional view) define transport infrastructure development level and quality as well as volume and structure of logistic service market. In return, logistics and investments in logistic infrastructure have direct impact on the national economics structure



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