MAGAZINE №5 (70) October 2015


CATEGORY  Logistics services market  Reviews and Analytics  Providers of logistics services Outsourcing 


The paper is devoted to the evolution of logistics outsourcing in Russia. It describes the main historical stages of contract logistics market establishment and development. The major economic, political and technological factors affecting the state of the logistics outsourcing market in Russia are analyzed. It is shown the structure of logistics outsourcing market the elements of which are defined via such types of activities as freight forwarding, warehousing, customs and other services. The dynamics of Russian and foreign logistics companies presence is specified as well. The activities of logistics service providers in the Russian market are exemplified 


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MAGAZINE №3 (68) June  2015


CATEGORY Planning the supply chain


The development of methods and technologies in logistics planning and supply chain management is shown in the historical perspective. The article illustrates the effect of the integration of production and operating logistics activities planning as well as information integration. It is argued that the quality of planning depends on the techniques used and the level of integration and coordination both within the company and between contracting parties of the supply chain. The dynamics of planning techniques is discussed in perspective of Pull / Push systems and fundamentals of economic, technological and information drivers, which include the concept of RP - Requirements / resource planning, JIT - Just-in-time, Lean Production, ECR - Effective Customer Response, and corporate information systems of ERP level.


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