MAGAZINE №2 (64) April 2015


CATEGORY Knowledge - force. Education in Logistics and SCM


The role of the International Training Centre in the field of logistics (ILC) HSE in the creation of the national school of logistics, additional education of personnel of the companies on logistics and supply chain management (SCM), logistics Russian certification of the standard three-tier European certification procedure. ILC reflect the contribution in the context of the formation of a new scientific direction "Logistics & SCM" and the development of three generations of state educational standards of higher professional education in these areas of training for the country's economy. A list of the most important events on the international and Russian level in the field of logistics, which was carrying ILC: international conference (in particular Russian-German Forum «DR-LOG»), projects to create transport and logistics infrastructure. The results of the participation of experts in the development of ILC scientific and practical direction, "Logistics and Supply Chain Management" in the Russian economy.



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