MAGAZINE №6 (77) December 2016


CATEGORY  Analytics and reviews Logistic service providers Logistic services market Transportation in logistics


The development of global supply chains objectively adds value to intermodal transportation as an instrument of transport logistics. Along with multiple technologies, there are a great vatiety of business models in practice in which participants interact within supply chains. Reasonable selection of such business models is an urgent task that requires scientific justification.

The article analyzes the combined transportation business models which are used in the transport service of continental (except carriage by sea) supply chains. The common characteristics of business models as well as fundamental differences specific to the transport systems of the North America and Europe are given.

The analysis shows that currently it is impossible to speak about the existence of a single common business model. However, the most common characteristics of modern business models can be mentioned: a two-tier model structure, the key role of railway companies and the broad participation of different logistics operators are among of them.


Published in Analytics and reviews

MAGAZINE №1 (72) February 2016


CATEGORY  Reviews and Analytics  Logistics infrastructure Transportation 


Implementation of the construction of constantly operating automobile and railway bridge between the Crimea and continental of Russia will create new distribution of logistic infrastructure in the Azov sea region.In this article possibilities of logistics infrastructure and the most perspective investment projects of the Azov sea region for the purpose of an assessment of the risks, arising at possible change of chains of mixed deliveries, after a construction of the Bridge, are investigated. The fulfilled analysis of the main freight traffics following now through ports of the region shows that a part of infrastructure can become less demanded, and investment projects to lose appeal with the origin of the bridge, and it is necessary to take proposed measures for the solution of this problem.


MAGAZINE №5 (70) October 2015

AUTHOR KLEPIKOV V.P. - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Department of logistics infrastructure, National Research University Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia)

CATEGORY  Transportation Optimization and economic-mathematical modeling 


In the article, the question of the organization of the mixed transportations of export freights is considered. Optimum giving of cars pays off with use of the developed model of interaction of railways transport and a warehouse from the enterprise. 



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