MAGAZINE №5 (82) October 2017


STETSYUK V.V. - Cand. of Ec.Sc., Senior Researcher, Research Department, Russian Customs Academy (Vladivostok, Russia)

KOSTYAEVA K.V. - Magistrant, Far Eastern Federal University (Vladivostok, Russia)

CATEGORY Global logistics projects Logistic infrastructure Controlling Transportation in logistics


Transport is the defining link of the modern civilization infrastructure. In this regard, it becomes relevant to assess the expected efficiency of including railway transport in the region’s logistics systems. Three main approaches to the evaluation of the efficiency of the railway transport participation in the region transport systems have been considered in the article. Primary assessment of the region transport system’s potential has been singled out on the basis of indicators reflecting social, technical, temporal and economic properties of an efficient transport system. There is no unified methodology of large state investment transport projects effectiveness assessment. However, the considered methods used in the complex will allow obtaining a fairly accurate estimate based on the multistep analysis, the options of which are given in this article. The study revealed that a preliminary state assessment of the regional transport system and assessment of the transit potential of the territory are the key elements of the introduction of a large-scale, costly investment project to include railway transport in the region transport system. Carrying out an assessment of the region transport system potential enables to observe the principle of innovation. As a result, the article systematizes significant indicators for assessing the transport potential of the region. Usage of such indicators will allow to assess the efficiency and profitability of the introduction of a new railway capital investment project of extending the Trans-Siberian Railway to the Korean peninsula and its incorporation into the system of transport corridors of the country; to receive information about the volumes of railway transportation on the main segments of transit traffic “Europe-Asia” direction; to evaluate the efficiency of cargo transportation regarding time costs; to analyze the demand for a railway project on the international market; to assess the impact of project implementation on the railway freight market and on the scale of the country’s economy as a whole. 

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