MAGAZINE  №2-3 (103) - 2021

AUTHOR POZDNYAKOVA V.E. - business analyst, Komus (Moscow, Russia)

CATEGORY Modern concepts and technologies in logistics and SCM Sourcing Supply chain management


The article discusses an approach to the development of an end-to-end lifecycle management process for network equipment for telecommunications companies.

The author provides the solid grounding for the relevance of this topic pointing out the increase of competition between the key players of the field of telecommunications services. Companies' existing network equipment lifecycle management processes are characterized by bureaucratization, low level of maturity of IT support and blurring of areas of responsibility.

Formalization and standardization of lifecycle management processes for network equipment from calculating the need for equipment to its retiring would allow reduce operating logistics costs and free up cash immobilized in stocks, which will lead to an increase in their competitiveness in the market.

On the basis of the reviewed Russian and foreign scientific literature a model of the lifecycle of network equipment was developed, as well as a set of supporting measures. The model pays equal attention to each stage of the lifecycle while taking into account the industry specifics.

The developed approach was tested on the example of one of the four main players in the Russian telecommunications market. Among the main results of the implementation of the proposed measures should be mentioned a reduction of clients penalties for the low level of services provided, reduce of logistics costs and the level of stock of equipment and spare parts in the supply chain of the company.

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