MAGAZINE №6 (67) December 2014


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In the article it is studied the terminology and clarified the concept of «Best Practice» which means the best business practices in logistics and SCM. It is defined constraints and specific factors of best practices analysis and implementation. Best practices in the field of logistics and SCM in such companies as “Prologis” and “Gartner Research” as well as the project “MIT 2020 Council” and prepared by European Logistics Association project “Best Log” are studied as specific examples.

It is shown that in the "Rating of Top 25" companies Gartner Research, the world's best supply chain in 2014, has identified four key trends: a return to business growth after the economic crisis, a focus on the supply chain flexibility increase, a supply chains simplification via standardization of the manufactured products and provided services and an implementation of “multi-local” operational strategies. Analysis of the «Best Log» project shows that advanced logistics practice focuses on simultaneous representation and integration of social, environmental and economic principles that will positively impact not only on the environment and society, but also on economic performance in the long-run time period.

It is proved that the focus on “best practices” allows companies to develop sustainable supply chains, increase market share, build a trusting relationship of focus company with customers and suppliers in supply chains, differentiate its own brand and optimize logistics solutions. 


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