MAGAZINE №4 (69) August 2015



GRIGORIEV L.Y. - BEG (St. Petersburg, Russia)

CATEGORY Modern concepts and technologies in logistics and supply chain management Planning the supply chain Corporate logistics industrial companies 


Although on the surface budgeting is seen as the main process, among the factors of its efficiency in the first place is closely associated with the process of formation of the annual operating plan. Especially, the importance of this process increases with the current trends of the transition from mass production to customization.
Thus, the reasonable budgeting will be possible only if we pre-carry out detailed planning of operating activities in the physical units. The question is, what level of aggregation we can afford when planning the operations and is it necessary to make their scheduling on the stage of operational (tactical) management?

In this article the approach to structuring activities based on modern organizational techniques is formulated, the methodology of formation of the annual operating plan of the company is proposed, are considered the need and opportunities for scheduling execution of orders at the annual time horizon for the enterprise with a high degree of production diversification in the conditions of orders of varying complexity and duration of execution 


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