MAGAZINE №3 (68) June  2015


CATEGORY Corporate logistics industrial companies Planning the supply chain


The article analyzes practical aspects of tactical planning process implementation using the methods and mathematical programming models at pipe producer.

A review of terminology, including terminology of basic concepts of supply chain management - SCOR and GSCF is provided. The importance of organizing effective tactical planning at industrial enterprises in connection with the ongoing trend in the complexity of the material, financial and information flows in their supply chains is highlighted.

Overview of past and present of Russian pipe producer as well as an overview of its development programs are provided. A key risk of the development program is defined as unsynchronized and unbalanced flow of materials through the supply chain. This notes the need for organizing effective tactical planning.

The analysis of the traditional process of tactical planning and its relationship with other levels of planning is conducted. Problem areas were identified. The basic principles of advanced tactical planning process are defined, including: feasibility of the plans; holistic view of the supply chain; optimality; performance.

Tactical modelling technology of supply chain is defined. The recommendations for the organization of an iterative approach for the creation of a model are provided, which is the gradual complication of the model as the implementation phases of the project. The results of the zero phase of the project at the pipe company are presented.

In conclusion, there are the results achieved in the whole pipe company, recommendations for the implementation of improvements.


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