MAGAZINE №2 (79) April 2017

AUTHOR  USHAKOV D.V. - Cand. of Eс. Sc., Lecturer Deputy Director General for Intermodal Transport Department of Logistics and transport system management Moscow State University of Railway Engineering GC «Agency Refperevozki» (Moscow, Russia

CATEGORY  Logistic infrastructure Transportation in logistics


Tools for the quality evaluation of cold chain as the optimal technology of perishable сargoes delivery raise interest in the sphere of perishable products transportation logistics now. In the conditions of the rapidly changing directions and extent of food products cargo flows, it is extremely important for consignors to be confident in safety and deliveries of their freight in the specified time frame. The effective control and monitoring system of the freight set temperature can be the determining competitiveness parameter for the logistic providers. The complex of indicators of quality of cold chain offered by the German Lloyd gives only the assessment of logistic infrastructure in statics, disregarding features and specifics of separate cargoes transportation and passing of delivery routes certain sites. In the article the evaluation method of the intensity of temperature deviations from the specific freight set mode on separate links of cold chain is offered. The offered tool of the quality evaluation of perishable goods transportation technology allows to reveal problem zones and sites when passing a cargo flow through various links of a delivery chain. Together with the cold chain quality indicators by the German Lloyd the evaluation method of temperature deviations intensity from the set mode can provide a complex quality evaluation of a separate link of Cool Chain. Diagnostics of both compliance of the technological infrastructure elements involved in process of perishable goods transportation to required standards and these elements functioning in direct certain freights delivery processes on certain sites of cold chain is performed. 

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