MAGAZINE №6 (67) December 2014



Deputy Head

Special Operations Center for Road Safety, Ministry of Internal Affairs (Moscow, Russia)

CATEGORY Transportation Logistics metropolis


One aspect of the modern economy is urbanization of the population in the countries of the European Union and the Russian Federation. The consequences of urbanization are difficult traffic situation in metropolises and an increase of transportation costs. It should be noted that the high congestion of city roads have, first of all, a negative impact on the movement of specialized vehicles of ambulances, flying squad, emergency. The specified reasons cause the trouble with promptly assistance provision to the population in the emergency situations. So it is determined the interest in these field research aimed to improve the effectiveness of city logistics, logistics of urban transport systems. Despite numerous attempts by both scientists and practice experts till now the issues of decrease of transport intensity in large cities are not finally resolved. Thus, further research in this direction, in particular, with refinement and adaptation of modern methods and models of logistics theory based on passenger traffic flows and specialized transport in the metropolises is required.

The provided studies allow to allocate aggregated group of methods and models and to identify the scope of their rational use in the organization of the movement and urban traffic management. Another poorly studied aspect is the ways of supporting free movement of special transport taking into account the implementation of “just-in-time” logistics concept to special transport. For this purpose, special transport routes are classified, and a schematic diagram of the special services organization a key component of which is an intelligent transport system is prepared. According to the proposed approach, the routes design taken by special transport should be supplemented by administrative decisions that are associated with the growth of the special vehicles effectiveness (primarily to minimize the arrival time to the point of destination). 



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