MAGAZINE №4 (63) August 2014


CATEGORY Controlling


The paper considers the problem of estimating sensitivity of the company’s business performance (in particular return on assets (ROA) to the logistics key performance indicators (logistics KPIs). Different impact of each logistics lever (service, costs, performance of the logistics department staff, return of assets, etc.) reflects on the logistics controlling and reporting system of the company due to the KPIs and modifies the return on assets at the company in a variety ways. In turn, the tool of any functional effectiveness evaluation, including logistics, is, for example, the model of strategic profit, which becomes the basis for a Balanced Scorecard (BSC) foundation.

It is (BSC) necessary to install properly the “weight” of each KPI in the BSC in order to motivate efficiently the logistics department staff. Currently in most companies it is done by experts without any objectiveness. The use of sensitivity methods can significantly increase the effectiveness of the incentive system due to the objective calculation of logistics KPIs impact on company’s ROA.

The paper proposes an approach of determining functions and coefficients of the ROA sensitivity to the changes of the logistics KPIs. The approach is based on the dynamic model of assessing the impact of KPI on the financial results of the company: appropriate information in the form of retrospective series of ROA / KPI should be used. The algorithm of specified assessment is suggested, and specific example of calculations of sensitivity functions, foundation of BSC and change of incentive system of logistics department employees of the company taking into account educed sensitivity of performance indicators is provided.


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