MAGAZINE №1 (72) February 2016


CATEGORY Reliability and stability of the supply chain  Uncertainty and risk in the supply chain 


The modern development of supply chains create new structural formations such as process type based on SCOR-models. However, the characteristics of the model are defined only qualitatively. The interpretation of their quantitative descriptions were not conducted.
It is necessary to develop a quantitative model of their characteristics. They will help to provide the efficiency of enterprises in logistics.
The article presents two versions of quantitative description for the SCOR model characteristics.
This article describes the options of sustainability assesment based on a new standard for reliability and based on the original methodology of complex sustainability assessment for the enterprises in logistics. The original algorithm of integrated stability assessment for company's business is considered The algorithm of the sustainability comprehensive assessment can be used to assess the economic sustainability of the providers processes, also for operators in supply chain and the supply chain as a whole, as well as for the diagnosis of it’s functionality. The considered approach opens up new possibilities for the development of quantitative methods for process models assessing in logistics.


MAGAZINE №5 (58) October 2013

AUTHOR Burmistrova N.S.

CATEGORY Analytics in logistics and SCM Optimization and economic-mathematical modeling Logistics services Management 


The paper considers how to maximize profit of the company in accordance with analysis of influence of logistics service on the company's revenue and costs. This analysis is based on calculating the revenue and costs elasticity of service level which is the basis for making decisions to increase or decrease the level of service to achieve maximum profit. It also shows the method of calculating the integral indicator with ranking of the service level parameters. The examples of the elasticity analysis based on experimental and statistical data collection adapted to the business specialization. 




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