MAGAZINE №1 (72) February 2016

AUTHOR  TYULENEV K.G.Director of St. Petersburg branch office, DAS GLOBAL LOGISTIK, Lecturer, Department of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, National Research University Higher School of Economics (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

CATEGORY   Reviews and Analytics  Transportation  Logistics infrastructure


Research article represents actual development of world container trade as priority factor strengthening overall production volume, investment demand, external economic cooperation and national transit capacity.
Global integration of transport processes, effecting on the decrease of involved operational costs, commonly provides competitiveness and sustainable quality of multimodal transport product.
Thematic significance refers to development of liner shipping organizational mechanism effectively integrating elements of transport complex.
Represented research is including concept of carrier’s assets investment strengthening competitiveness of national transport infrastructure and foreign trade.
In actual development trends, application of multimodal product for strategic cargo flows is efficient in complex integration with strategic priorities of liner container shipping industry.



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