MAGAZINE №5 (70) October 2015



STEBLETSOV D.E. - Postgraduate, Department «Transport business», Moscow State Transport University (Moscow, Russia)

CATEGORY  Simulation Logistics infrastructure Transportation 


The tool means which are present in the market of software products for simulation of transport systems are described. As the software for simulation of the terminal and logistics center package AnyLogic is chosen. Are described structure and functions of the constructed model. 


Published in Simulation modelling

MAGAZINE  №3 (56) June 2013

AUTHOR  Dybskaya V. V. 

CATEGORY Terminology in Logistics and SCM Logistics infrastructure Warehouse Logistics 


Problems of terminology of logistics both in the general plan, and in a context of application of terms and developments of a conceptual framework to objects of logistic infrastructure, in particular are considered: to the logistic centers, terminals, warehouses, etc. The critical analysis of a conceptual framework of the modern logistics presented in the Russian textbooks and manuals is given.




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