MAGAZINE  №4 (93) August 2019


VOLKOVA E.M. - Cand.of Ec. Sc., Economics of Transport Department, Emperor Alexander I St.Petersburg State Transport University (St. Petersburg, Russia)

PRIPUZOV-NEVSKIY A.V. - National Research University Higher School of Economics (St. Petersburg, Russia)

CATEGORY Megapolis logistics


 Nowadays the growth of megacities is considerably constrained by their poor condition and inefficient functioning of various elements within the urban transport systems. Being the modern area of study, city-logistics solves the problems of traffic and ridership management. However, it is also necessary to expand the transport infrastructure, which could optimize the time of multimodal transportation. The projects of transport hubs development are becoming increasingly important. They act as the integral element for cooperation of urban passenger transport and improvement of passenger services quality. Generating significant public effects, these projects are highly effective for both investors and society as a whole. Using the available techniques, the authors of this article assessed social effects (positive externalities) for the development project of transport hub "Devyatkino" in St. Petersburg. Social effects include travel time minimization, mobility growth and transport safety enhancement. According to the results of the project assessment, it was established that the share of state funding could be increased, which differs from the project developers’ standards.

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