MAGAZINE  №1 (90) February 2019


CATEGORY Optimization and mathematical modelling The uncertainty and risks in supply chains


The problem of optimal management of various types of production resources in conditions of uncertainty and risk taking into account reworks is relevant and necessary to ensure the competitiveness of modern domestic industrial enterprises.
The paper deals with dynamic models of management of production resources of the enterprise, which provide maximum profit from the sale of products produced for a certain period of time, taking into account the risk, taking into account waste and reworks on technological operations of the industrial enterprise. The analysis of stability in models of management of production and financial activities of the enterprise is carried out. In conclusion, an example of calculation of the management of production and financial activities of a small enterprise which assemblies system blocks of personal computers is analyzed.
Scientific survey is based on fundamental and applied developments of domestic and foreign scientists in the field of economic theory, management theory, logistics theory and supply chain management, methods of mathematical modeling, system analysis, operations research and expert evaluation methods.
The considered dynamic models of management of production and financial activities of the enterprise allow estimating efficiency of use of production and financial assets of the enterprise in the conditions of uncertainty and risk taking into account waste and rework.

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MAGAZINE  №1 (60) February 2014


CATEGORY  Optimization and economic-mathematical modeling Uncertainty and risk in the supply chain Inventory management  


 In paper the algorithm of perfection classical XYZ-analysis of stocks in logistics is considered. Feature of algorithm is ranging the goods is ranging the goods on accuracy of the forecast. Other feature of algorithm is application of an entropy for definition of uncertainty of demand. It is given an example XYZ - the analysis.



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