Informational support of strategic supply chain planning

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MAGAZINE №5 (64) October 2014


CATEGORY Planning the supply chain Information Technology in Logistics and SCM Optimization and economic-mathematical modeling 


It is impossible to manage a contemporary company without strategic planning and regular monitoring of goals and development direction of supply chain. Top management is in charge of solving tasks regarding merges and acquisitions, competition in the regional markets, influences of price change of raw material and components, problems of JIT transportations, demand structure and geography changes in the regional markets, strategic investment program definition.  

Nevertheless in practice it is rare when the process of supply chain modeling and design is formalized at Russian companies. Analysis of supply chain efficiency is done sporadically, takes a lot of time, is not accurate and often is at too high level without consideration of the complex influence on the supply chain infrastructure. Trend to increasing complexity of material, financial and informational flows in supply chains of leading companies defines necessity in informational support of such important planning process. In recent decades specialized methods and technologies were built for modeling complex supply chains respecting production, resource, distribution and other constrains. One of the most important goals of these methods and technologies is informational support of strategic supply chain planning. The article provides typical tasks of supply chain planning, key methods of strategic modeling and also most popular mathematical software for this


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