№1 (54) February 2013

Focus: Inventory management in supply chains


  • Improved inventory management algorithm
  • The practice of using technology S&OP - Sales and Operation Planning
  • Optimization of the supply chain under uncertainty
  • Quality management of logistics services in global supply chains


Lukinskiy V.S., Lukinskiy V.V., Chepurin A.V. The improvement of the algorithm of inventory  management in supply chain

Sokolova O. G. Features of stockpile management at the mining enterprises

Filatova T.A. Optimizing and qualimetrical model of work supply chain of production in the conditions of economic uncertainty of interaction of suppliers and consumers

Hruschova O.V. What is behind a warehouse?

Brodetsky G. L., Vinogradov A. B. Ways of formalization of the conflicting organizational departments’ priorities (considering multicriterion problem)

Gerami V.D. Logistic terminology in the transport development strategies and programs 

Fedorenko A.I., Borisova L.A., Klimenko V. V. Tariff policy and problems of development logistic service on railway transport

Kolik A.V. European Logistics: on the way to Universal Intermodal Loading Unit? 


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