№4 (57) August 2013

Focus: Logist - profession of the XXI century!

  • Training of specialists in logistics and supply chain management
  • Analysis of logistics controlling at the Russian enterprises
  • Modern logistics infrastructure transport hubs
  • Cross-functional logistics coordination

Dybskaya V. V., Sergeev V. I. The logist – a profession of the XXI century: to system of preparation and retraining of logistics and supply  chain management  specialists

Sergeyev V. I. Research of a logistic controlling condition at the Russian enterprises (part 1)

Klimenko V. V. Typology of logistic infrastructure objects in transport hub 

Vinogradov A.B. Methods of alternative solutions spectrum enlargement in case of interfunctional conflict concerning logistics activity

Yampolsky S. M., Shalamov A. S. The logistic approach to the automation of management of working capital trade enterprise

Lukinskiy V. S., Lukinskiy V. V., Shulzhenko T. G. Expert evaluation of the relationship and interaction of the links of the integrated supply chain is based on a matrix approach


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