№6 (59) December 2013

Focus: Inventory management and transportation in the integrated supply chain

  • Tools project financing transport and logistics infrastructure (the experience of the EU countries)
  • Logistics e-commerce systems using pochtomatov
  • Integrated supply chain execution
  • The economic impact of intermodal transport

Klimenko V.V. Tools financing transport and logistics infrastructure EU

Kokurin D. I., Nazin K. N. A comparative analysis of the logistics infrastructure notion in domestic and foreign scientific schools

Elyashevich I. P., Frolova M. V., Pozamantirov D. O. Improve approaches to inventory management in e-commerce, when using a system of the postamates

Pilipciuk S. F., Radaev A. E. Forming of the optimal supply system with application of simulation modeling software

Ermolina M. V. Integrated execution as a final step in supply chain integrated planning

Bagimov A. V. Classification of different types of flows and legal relations in logistics systems deliver cargo

Ushakov D. V. Economic effect of the principle of intermodality

Nikolov A. E., Kazakov N. I. Practical methodology for defining the competitiveness of logistics equipment through the emotional model


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