№4 (69) August 2015



Focus: Adaptive Planning and virtual supply chain

Main sections:

  • Improving the efficiency of supply chain planning technology-based S&OP
  • Better inter-institutional coordination in the virtual supply chain
  • Management of recurrent material flows
  • Optimization of inventory in the supply chain network retail

BELOV L.B., GRIGORIEV L.Y. Operational planning order-related industries in the supply chain (on the example of LLC «Repair-mechanical plant «Gazpromneft-Omsk Refinery»)

SOLODOVNIKOV V.V. Management system reengineering of metallurgincal company based on SCOR

POSTERNAKOVA M.I., ELYASHEVICH I.P. Virtual supply chain as a way to improve the efficiency of inter-institutional coordination

VINOGRADOV A. B. Reverse product flows in internet retail: ways of reduction and methods of efficient management

ZDOROVENKOVA E.O. Reverse logistics management in service companies

DYBSKAYA V.V., IVANOVA A.V. Elaboration of the customer service policy from the perspective of logistics

NOVIKOV V.E. Particularities of inventory management in supply chains of network retail operators

DOMNINA S.V. Improving the quality of logistics services on the example of international road transport

KOLESNIKOV S.N. Mathematical approach as a way to improve IS support of controlling


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