№6 (71) December 2015



Focus: Modelling and optimization of supply chains

Main sections:

  • Advanced inventory management technology in the supply chain

  • Quality Management Models logistics services

  • Russian logistics services market in recession

  • Advanced planning and scheduling in supply chain

DYBSKAYA V.V. Russian logistics services market in recession

DOMNINA S.V., FROLOVA K.S. Assessment of transport market openness 

ELYASHEVICH I.P. Using the regression analysis tools to manage inventory in the logistics supply

NEGOMEDZYANOV Y.A., NEGOMEDZYANOV G.Y. Deepening of functionality of the logistic concept of VMI

KURENKOV P.V., ZAITSEV T.A. Simulation of different options of supply chains involving rail and road transport

BOCHKAREV A.A., BOCHKAREV P.A. Calculation parameters of delivery reliability in supply with a non-stationary and discrete process of delivery faults

RYBAKOV D.S. The optimization model of logistic service of trade enterprise 

KONVICKA D., SOLODOVNIKOV V. V. Advanced planning and scheduling in demanding planning environments

DUNAYEV O.N. Logistics as a management technology for a new stage of economic growth


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