№1 (72) February 2016


Focus: Cooperation and integrated planning in the supply chains

Main sections:

  • Horizontal cooperation in supply chains and cross functional logistic coordination

  • Advanced demand planning technologies

  • Assessment of supply chains' sustainability and reliability

  • Integration of transport management processes

ZAJCEV E.I., BORODULINA S.A. A problem of quantitative estimation of supply chains' reliability and sustainability

SOLODOVNIKOV V.V. Demand planning in supply chains

PISARETC N.M. Modeling as a way to evaluate the feasibility of a horizontal cooperation in transportation

SOKOLOVA O.G. The formation of metrics for evaluation of logistic system administration efficiency in a focus company’s supply chain

DYBSKAYA V.V. Interaction between logistics department and other company's departments during customer service policy elaboration

SPORL F., TRUSCHKIN E., SOKOLOV B. Horizontal transshipment technologies as a key to the development of combined transport in Russia

KLEPIKOV V.P. Logistic infrastructure of the Azov sea region in new conditions

TYULENEV K.G. Global integration of liner shipping management processes

LYASHCHUK V.V., STERLIGOVA A.N. Variability of a business models logistic component of the Russian metallurgical enterprises


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