№2 (73) April 2016


Focus: Optimal solutions in production logistics

Main sections:

  • Supply chain planning and S&OP technology in vertically-integrated companies
  • The efficiency of «Just in Sequence – JIS» concept
  • Production logistics methods and models
  • The development of staff competencies in logistics and SCM

APALKOVA T.G., MISHCHENKO A.V. Methods and models for evaluating the effectiveness of management of production and financial activities in the industrial logistics

KUZIN D.A., KIRIENKO A.S. Estimation of economic efficiency the «just in sequence» deliveries

SOLODOVNIKOV V.V. Specific of supply chain planning of ferrous metallurgy companies

ERMOLINA M.V., NOVIKOVA A.Y. Specifics of Sales and Operations Planning in gold-mining companies

ROZHDESTVENSKY A.G., SABATKOEV T.R. Modeling in Supply Chain Management

PANOVA Y.N., IVAKIN I.A., TSIULIN S.S. Weight-In-Motion System Application and its legislation in Russia

YSHAKOV D.V. Features of 3PL and 4PL activities of operators in the delivery of goods from Central Russia to the Far East as an example of meat transportation

BUBNOVA G.V. Personnel training and competence development in logistics

STEPNOVA A.S., KISELEVA N.V. The concept of forecasting and forming the quality of import products category fresh


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